A message in a bottle. 

As small messages in bottles thrown into the ocean, hoping to come to you as brief signs that I think of you as well, every time you think of me I call upon you also.

Every night, though I resist, there is always a thought for you. I always kiss you goodnight and whenever something good happens, you’re the first person I would like to tell.
I have had sleepless nights. I’ve been very tired. You know I need to get up and smile, and make my day count. But I’ve been missing you and I know you’re the only one who will understand these words. Because there are hearts really known, and neither distance nor time, nor pain or happiness can separate.

Let this message come to you, across the ocean that separates us, so you always know that no matter how far away we can be, for I will always come back to you.
-I did my best, on translating 🙂 I’m sorry for the mistakes. This is how I think it sounds best… My first time on an english poem. If you drink coffee today, drink it for me & use my colour cup, if it  stills there. xoxo-Erika. 


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